What we're about
Quality Construction
& State of
the Art Technology
at Reasonable Prices

Since being established in 1991 and having delivered packaging systems to over 30 countries, WeighPack has long emphasized providing its customer's quality built products using state of the art technology at reasonable prices.

WeighPack has always been a little different and that's the way we like it. We are a single source provider, meaning we build our own fillers, baggers, conveyors and case erectors, choosing to rely on ourselves and not others. We like taking complete responsibility, in fact we thrive on it!

With facilities in Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto and Miami, we place the upmost importance on customer service in ensuring that we meet your needs. We provide our customers with the peace of mind that they can work with ONE manufacturer, ONE service department and ONE point of contact. We appreciate the opportunity and are committed to exceeding your expectations.

'91 -'93

-'91: Established WeighPack Systems Inc. and leased a small 2,000 square foot warehouse
-'92: Built and delivered our
1st linear scale
-'92: Exhibited for the 1st time at Pack Expo International with great response

'98 -'00

-'98: Developed the unique Zippy Bagger for pre-made wicketed bags, interest was phenomenal
-'00: Out grew existing Montreal location and moved into a 40,000 square foot facility

'06 -'09

-'07: Delivered our 2,000th machine
-'09: Lauched the industry changer PC based PrimoCombi combination scale
-'09: Designed and built our PC based PrimoCombi multi-head weigher and entered the highspeed market

'94 -'97

-'95: Grew to 22 employees and expanded to a larger facility to accommodate growth
-'96: Engineered and built our 1st vertical form & seal machine, the VerTek and began delivering complete system solutions

'01 -'05

-'02: Established our Las Vegas facility to serve our large west coast customer base
-'05: : Introduced the Multi-Trix controls for our family of linear net weighing machines

'10 - '13

-'10: Expanded and moved into new Las Vegas facility
-'11: Established manufacturing facility in Miami, FL
-'13: Launched new wrapping category of packaging solutions, the SleekWrapper and Breezy Bagger


Total machines delivered since 1991


Machines on every continent


Free online support thru our leading edge Windows PC controls


20% of our work force are
engineers who strive on a daily
basis to design the most reliable
and serviceable packaging
machines possible.


As a manufacturer we can
control our products to every
nut and bolt in order to
maintain the highest quality
product possible.


All of our packaging machines
are modular in design and can
be integrated with one another.
All packaging systems are
integrated and tested in our
facility prior to delivery.


We understand the importance
of uptime and employ a team of
dedicated service representatives
that genuinely care about the
customer experience.