Swifty Bagger Series

The Swifty uses non-wicket pre-made bags and automatically grabs, opens, fills and seals the bag. This intermittent motion bagger runs gusset, pillow, flat bottom, zipper and stand-up bags. Its touch screen controls make the Swifty Bagger very user friendly. Ideal for liquids & powders.

Model Speed Bag Widths Bag Lengths
SB-3600 up to 45 cpm 3.5" - 8"
88 - 203 mm
6" - 11"
153 - 279 mm
SB-1200 up to 25 cpm 6" - 12"
153 - 304 mm
8" - 18"
204 - 457 mm

Benefits and Advantages

  • Continuous motion bagger runs gusset, pillow, flat bottom, zipper, side gusset, and stand-up bags
  • Open concept design makes it easy to set-up, operate, clean, and service
  • Smooth consistent movement of bags with no risk of de-synchronization.
  • Interfaces easily with auxiliary equipment
Key Features
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Festo cylinders and valves
  • PanelView color touch screen
  • Shaft-CAM operated with encoder control
  • No-bag no-fill sensor
  • Integrated exit conveyor
  • User-friendly controls with memory
  • Straight flow through design


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