XPdius Elite Vertical Baggers

The Xpdius Elite Vertical Baggers machines form and seal functionality is designed for high speed applications and service-ability. Both sides of the machine open, allowing easy access to all parts and assemblies inside the frame

Model Speed Bag Widths Bag Lengths
XP Elite i130 up to 120 cpm 3" - 12"
77 - 304 mm
2" - 16"
51 - 406 mm
XP Elite c130 up to 180 cpm 3" - 12"
77 - 304 mm
2" - 16"
51 - 406 mm

Benefits and Advantages

  • Serviceability and cleanability made easy and quick with dual (left and right) access to inside workings
  • Stainless steel constructed machines maintain long term value
  • Servo drives on both the pull belts and sealing jaws provide complete digital control to optimize speed and accuracy.
  • The automated film tracking assembly maintains lateral position of the film at all speeds.
Key Features
  • Mechanical film brake mechanism
  • Servo-driven pull belt
  • Color touch screen HMI
  • Motorized film unwind rollers
  • Servo-driven sealing jaws
  • Auto-retracting film assembly
  • Splicing table for quick changeover
  • Pneumatic vertical sealing bar
  • Variable temperature controls
  • Encoder unwind length control
  • Safety guard switch
  • Pneumatic horizontal sealing jaws


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