The SpinDexer was designed to increase productivity when filling challenging products into rigid containers - light, irregular, or tight fitting items will fill easily with the SpinDexer.

Available with 12, 16, or 24 stations and operating at speeds up to 100 cpm, the SpinDexer includes a variable speed infeed / discharge conveyor, travelling funnel assembly, no container / no fill sensor and clog detection sensor as well as many more features. Fully enclosed with Lexan safety covers, the SpinDexer is built with food grade materials

and all contact parts are stainless steel. PLC-controlled, the unit is servo-driven and supplied with a color HMI.


  • The SpinDexer has been specifically designed to fill challenging products such as irregular shaped items or sticky products that tend to clog at the container opening
  • A broad range of containers can be filled from 50 ml to 1.5 L jugs
  • The servo drive provides total control of the container
  • Snack foods, spices, candy, chemicals, and many more products can be filled


  • Variable speed infeed / discharge conveyor
  • Travelling funnel assembly
  • No container - no fill sensor
  • Container positioning sensor
  • Clog detection sensor
  • Totally enclosed, Lexan safety covers
  • Panasonic servo drive
  • Stainless steel contact parts