Our family of horizontal bagging machine for pre-made wicketed bags are designed to automatically open, fill and seal pouches including laminated or polyethylene materials, stand up pouches, and pillow pouches with a re-closable zipper or carry handle.

How it works:

1. Load the pre-made wicketed bags by inserting them thru the two pins which will then support them.
2. The Zippy Bagger, Bingo Bagger® or VS Bagger will automatically blow open the bag and once open, clamp down on the back side of the pouch.
3. Once clamped open, the auxiliary filler or individual will fill the bag.
4. Once filled the finger mechanism will insert into the bag, holding it tight and then automatically tear it off the wicket pins and transfer to the bag sealer.

Integrate with any auxiliary filling machine including our PrimoCombi®, PrimoLinear and Star Auger® filling machines.

Available Models:

VS Bagger - For applications that do not require sealing or to integrate with an existing sealer or locking device.

Bingo Bagger® - Intermittent sealing jaws and has available upgrade for vacuum packaging.

Zippy Bagger - Continuous sealer for higher speed applications

Model Max Bag Width Max Mechanical Rates
Bingo Bagger® 14" / 350mm 25 cycles per min
Bingo Bagger® XL 20" / 550mm 15 cycles per min
Zippy Bagger 14" / 350mm 30 cycles per min
VS Bagger - no seal 14" / 350mm 30 cycles per min

Bingo Bagger


  • The Bingo Bagger® is unique in that it is the only bagger on the market that can automatically vacuum or gas flush at the sealing station.
  • Stainless steel construction using 304 S/S, standard food grade for all contact parts.
  • Using pre-made wicketed bags, it will automatically open, fill, and seal the pouches.
  • Both polyethylene and laminate materials can be run on the Bingo Bagger.
  • Wide bag size specs versatility.
  • PLC operated top loading horizontal bagger is compact, mobile and very user friendly.
  • The Bingo Bagger® uses horizontal seal jaws as opposed to a traditional rotary heat sealer, this not only reduces the length of the machine but cost as well.
bingo bagger chicken breast bingo bagger fresh cut salad bingo bagger fresh salad bingo bagger frozen fruit bingo bagger chicken breast bingo bagger fresh cut salad bingo bagger fresh salad bingo bagger frozen fruit
Zippy Bagger


  • A small footprint and low height make the Zippy easy to load product.
  • Height adjustable conveyorized bag support for various bag lengths.
  • Wide bag size specs versatility.
  • The Zippy Bagger operates with the use of pre-made wicketed bags and will automatically open and seal the bag after filling.
  • The Zippy can run both laminated and polyethylene materials as well as stand up bags and is available in Left to Right or Right to Left versions.
VS Bagger


  • The VS Bagger is easy to operate and automatically positions a pre-made bag, opens it and waits for the bag to be filled. After being filled, the bagger side shifts the bag and positions a new bag.
  • Manual loading or automatic operation, this easy-to-use bagger will enhance any bagging operation.
  • Wide bag size specs versatility.
  • Reliable and compact, the simple design of the VS bagger makes it easy to set-up, operate, and maintain.
  • Easily interfaced with twist tie or horizontal sealers.
VS bagger bags 01 VS bagger bags 02 VS bagger bags 03