Designed to automatically wrap products with plastic film, the SleekWrapper family of horizontal flow pack machines includes four models ranging from economical to highspeed and to large packages. All Sleek models are constructed in stainless steel; include PLC, color touch screen, servo motors and drives.

How horizontal flow wrapping technology works:

The process begins with loading your product on to the infeed conveyor where it will then transfer automatically to the forming box. A cylindrical roll of film will then be pulled by the flow wrapping machine, transferring film from the roll and thru the forming box. Once transferred thru the forming area the film will then wrap around the product where upon the crimper wheels will seal the back horizontal area of the pouch. Once the desired pouch length is achieved the rotary seal bars will then seal and cut the pouch providing a finished product that includes a pouch with top/bottom seals and one horizontal back seal.

Available options:

All our models of vertical form seal machines can be upgraded to include a hole punch, tare notch, nitrogen flush, label application, ink jet date and code printing.

Sleek 40 Servo Sleek 50 Servo Sleek 65 Servo Sleek Inverted
Package Size
Width 1" to 7" (25mm to 180mm) 1" to 9" (25mm to 230mm) 1" to 12" (25mm to 300mm) 1" to 9" (25mm to 230mm)
Height up to 3" (80mm) up to 4.7" (120mm) up to 4.7" (120mm) up to 4.7" (120mm)
Maximum Mechanical Speeds
1-up jaw (based on 155mm bag length) 60 100 100 75
2-up jaw version (based on 155mm bag length) 120 200 200 150
Available Options
Stainless steel frame Standard Standard Standard Standard
Color Touch Screen Standard Standard Standard Standard
Self Centering Film Holder Standard Standard Standard Standard
Film registration Standard Standard Standard Standard
Stainless steel floor stand Optional Standard Standard Standard
Date Coders Optional Optional Optional Optional
2nd reel holder Not available Optional Optional Optional
Gusset Not available Optional Optional Optional
Gas Flush (max speed 10-20ppm) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Long Dwell Version Not available Optional Optional Not available

Breezy Bagger

Breezy Bagger logo



The Breezy Bagger is designed for versatility and flexibility. This compact machine includes pivoting function that allows it to work both horizontally like a conventional flow wrapper or inclined for vertical drops depending on the product being packaged.
Engineered to produce a finished bag width of up to 10 inches wide and up to 36 inches long, the Breezy can package a wide variety of products in many sizes and shapes.

  • Omron PLC
  • Foot pedal for manual use
  • Photo cell for bag registration
  • Auto-air regulator, filter, and lubricator
  • Memory based storage of operating functions
  • Compact design
  • Painted mild steel frame
  • Bag Widths: 2.5 - 10 inches (60mm-250mm)
  • Bag Lengths: 4 - 36 inches (100mm-900mm)
  • North American: 230Vac / 1Ph / 60Hz
  • International: 240Vac / 1Ph / 50Hz
  • All other electrical specifications available on request at additional cost
  • North American: 12CFM / 90PSI
  • International: 360L/min / 6bar