WeighPack Systems is an industry leader when it comes quality packaging systems for almost 3 decades now. We distinguish ourselves by being a single source provider, which means we create our very own baggers, fillers, convey, and case erectors, choosing to depend solely on our own capabilities and expertise. We make sure that each of your packaging automation needs is met exactly the way you want them to be.

One of our packaging solutions involves the use of the all-known auger filling technology. This particular system is commonly used in applications that require portioning and dispensing of spices, coffee grinds, powders, flour, salt, sugar, chemicals, baking mixes, and the likes.

Star Auger is a servo-driven filling machine that fills various types of products. This automatic auger machine is made with stainless-steel, easy-to-remove tooling and hinged hopper door allowing for a hassle-free cleaning, maintenance, and change-over. Optimized for accuracy, speed, and precision, our Star Auger features a self-adjusting screw and level sensors to accommodate consistent and reliable weights. Versatility wise, this automatic filling machine can be operated in either semi-automatic or full-automatic mode. In addition, it is capable of reading in grams or ounces.

Perfect for handling granules and powder, our Star Auger 100 and 200 models are designed to precisely dispense your product through the use of a custom designed screw that will determine the number of revolutions required to volumetrically achieve the weight you wanted. The Star Auger 100 is capable of up to 90 cycles per minute with a 28L hopper and a filling weight of 0.5 oz. to 1.0 lb. Meanwhile, the Star Auger 200 can perform up to 70 cycles per minute using a 50L hopper and a filling weight of 1.0 oz. to 5.0 lbs.

Moreover, the Star Auger is designed in such a way that you can easily integrate it with any auxiliary equipment (e.g. pre-made pouch machine, vertical form and seal, horizontal form and seal, automatic container indexers and jar lines) if you want to fully automate your packaging process.

Its features include the following:

  • Servo motor drive
  • Hinged hopper for easy cleaning
  • Color touch screen
  • 100 product settings
  • Dual blade AC agitator drive
  • Air release port and tube
  • 304 stainless steel construction (food grade)
  • A see-through viewing glass
  • Quick disconnect parts
  • Self-adjusting auger screw
  • Automatic weight adjustment
  • Level sensor
  • One set of tooling included

As for other options available, you can opt for a double-catch door if you need to stop product flow between cycles or you can also have an automatic feedback scale to automatically re-adjust the machine to make up for the changes in product density.

Aside from our auger filling solutions, we at WeighPack also manufacture other packaging technologies including automatic weigh filling, net weighing, filling, multi-head weighing, vertical form fill and seal, horizontal form fill and seal, wicket bagging, pre-made pouch automation, container filling systems, and custom conveyance.