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About WeighPack

Manufacturing Packaging Solutions for over 25 years

Since being established in 1991 and having delivered packaging machines to over 30 countries, WeighPack Systems Inc. has long emphasized providing its customers quality built packaging machines using state of the art technology at reasonable prices. WeighPack has always been a little different and that’s the way we like it. We are a single source provider! meaning we build our own weigh fillers, baggers, conveyors and case erectors. We choose to rely on ourselves and not others.

We like taking complete responsibility, in fact we thrive on it!

We place the up most importance on customer service in ensuring that we meet your packaging automation needs. We provide our customers with the peace of mind that they can work with ONE manufacturer, ONE service department and ONE point of contact.As a proud manufacturer and supplier of automatic weigh filling, net weighing, multi-head weighing, auger filling, vertical form-fill & seal, horizontal form-fill & seal, pre-made pouch automation, wicket bagging solutions, container filling systems and custom conveyance, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your packaging automation vision and are committed to exceeding your expectations.


We employ an incredible team of mechanical engineers, designers, draftsmen, automation specialists and packaging technicians who strive on a daily basis to design the most reliable and serviceable packaging machines possible.


As a manufacturer and systems integrator, we can control our products to every nut and bolt in order to maintain the highest quality product possible. This can’t be said for importers and resellers.


All of our packaging machines are modular in design and can be integrated with one another. All packaging systems are integrated and tested in our facility prior to delivery ensuring absolute preparedness prior to shipping.


We employ a team of dedicated service representatives who genuinely care about the customer experience and understand the importance of uptime. Our NPS rating (Net Promoter Score) is displayed throughout our facility to ensure we never lose site of customer satisfaction.

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We place utmost importance on customer service, meeting all your packaging automation needs. We provide you with the peace of mind that you will work with one manufacturer, one service department and one point of contact. Contact us today!