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Our family of automatic wicket pouch bagging machines includes the VS BaggerTM, Bingo Bagger® and Zippy Bagger®. Each machine is easy to operate and, unlike vertical form and seal technology, does not require a specific fixed forming collar for changeovers which greatly reduces long-term costs.

Wicket pouches are an extremely flexible and versatile packaging solution that brings automation to the packing process. Pouches are stacked and held together by use of wicket wires that allow the pouches to be loaded into our automatic bagging machine for filling. Once filled, the pouches are removed automatically from the wicket holder and sealed.


Designed for applications that do not require sealing to integrate with an existing sealer or locking device, the Bingo Bagger premade wicket pouch bagging machine automatically pulls a vacuum and/or gas flush at the sealing station. This convenient feature is unique in today’s market and greatly reduces labor while improving food safety by eliminating human interaction in the sealing process.

Manufactured with a robust stainless steel frame and food-grade contact parts, the Bingo can fill both polyethylene and laminate materials.

The Bingo Bagger is perfect for foodservice packaging, bulk bagging and is commonly used for cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meat and poultry.


Intermittent sealing jaws with available upgrades for vacuum packaging.

The low-profile, compact Zippy Bagger wicket bag filling machine is designed to fill premade wicket pouches with or without zippers at rates of up to 2,000 bags per hour.

The Zippy automatically opens, fills and seals both laminated and polyethylene materials and is commonly used for filling products such as frozen foods, hardware, injection-molded pieces, baked goods and snack foods.


Continuous sealer for higher speed applications.

The VS Bagger (very simple) is the perfect partner to an existing sealing machine or for applications that do not require sealing at all. The VS automatically positions and fills a premade wicket pouch under the fill zone then transfers it to the next station of the packaging process. Reliable and compact, this versatile bagging machine can be easily interfaced with a twist tie, tin tie, Kwik-Lok or horizontal sealer.

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