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At WeighPack Systems we pride ourselves as being one of the best auger filling machine manufacturer and auger fillers equipment suppliers. Quality global packaging solutions like bagging, filling, conveying, case erecting, and robotic palletizing.

We have been delivering these packaging systems all over the world for over two decades now.

High Tech Auger Filler Machines

Our auger filling machine, Star Auger, is equipped with a servo-drive motor that offers accuracy, speed and versatility. Working with powdered and granule products. The Star100 and Star200 auger filling machines are known for precision, better response time, and even a reduction of electrical interference when paired with any auxiliary packaging equipment.

In addition, they have a custom-designed, automatic screw which regulates the number of revolutions. To achieve the desired weight with respect to the volume. Therefore, screw is also designed for a quick-release which makes changing the screw smooth and fast.

StarAuger Auger Filling Machine

StarAuger100 Auger Filling Machine – up to 90cpm with a filling weight of 0.5 oz. to 1.0 lb. and a 28L hopper
StarAuger200 Auger Filling Machine – up to 70cpm with a filling weight of 1.0 oz. to 5.0 lb. and a 50L hopper

These high-speed automatic auger filling machines are built from stainless steel, readily accessible with removable parts. So, a hopper that is tailor crafted for easy cleaning. These features effectively reduce changeover.

All models have the standard features like PLC controls, food-grade stainless steel construction, color touch screen, servo motor, easily accessible hopper, and available feed controls. So, options available are a double-catch door used to stop product flow between cycles and an automatic feedback scale that automatically re-adjusts the machine to make up for the changes in product density.

Finally, another attribute it has is the transparent viewing glass that allows operators to see what’s happening with the products in the hopper.

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Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service while meeting all of your packaging automation needs. We provide the peace of mind that comes from working with one manufacturer, one service department and one point of contact.