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WeighPack manufactures excellent packaging machines specifically designed for bagging beef jerky. These machines come from our
pre-made pouch solutions for beef and turkey jerky that are specifically engineered to handle all of your snack food packaging needs. Our pre-made pouch packaging machines are:

Swifty Junior

With speed of up to 800 bags per hour

Swifty 1200

With speed of up to 1,800 bags per hour

Swifty 3600

With speed of up to 2,500 bags per hour

Beef Jerky Packaging Machine

Designed to automatically open, fill, and seal are all models of Swifty Bagger automatic bag filling machines. A wide range of pre-made laminated pouches in varying styles. Including 3 sided seal pouches, folder over pouches, stand up pouches, shaped pouches and quad pouches with zippers.

Our beef jerky packaging machine is configured and color-coordinated to your bag specifications to ensure ease of use for your operators. Engineered for performance, serviceability, cleanability, and ease of use.

First off, is our Swifty Junior that is perfect for small to medium production rates that will automatically open, fill, and seal your beef jerky into pre-made stand-up pouches in one swift process. Our Swifty Junior is setup for easier operation, cleaning and service with its compact footprint and open design.

It is equipped with an adjustable bag magazine that will ensure that your products are sealed with consistency. Made with clear Lexan doors, its bag filling components are highly accessible for cleaning and sanitation purposes. This compact and affordable machine has standard features including automatic bag magazine, stainless steel frame, and Omron PLC and touchscreen.

Swifty Bagger 1200 and 3600

For medium to high production rates, we have the Swifty Bagger 1200 and 3600. Both cam driven automatic bagging machines are
robust in design.Built to last the toughness of today’s production needs. These two beef jerky bagging machines have unique design flow
that makes their parts easily accessible.

The operator’s visibility and control are also eliminated to optimize by Blind spots. Additionally, their easy-fill and easy-adjust conveyorized bag magazine are there to make sure consistent outputs and attractive finished products are being delivered.

Lastly, our Swifty Bagger 1200 and 3600 highly promotes sanitation advantages thanks to its food safety design that ensures that product will never touch heavy-duty mechanics. Both packaging machines include standard features such as easy-load bag feeder, photosensor for bag opening detection, and PLC touchscreen.

Finally, if you want a complete packaging solution for beef jerky, you can pair-up our PrimoCombi Multi-Head Weigher with any Swifty Bagger. Model since the PrimoCombi is designed for high-performance applications requiring increased production rates and tight accuracy tolerances.

Beef jerky machine is also built with leading-edge mechanical. It’s software features is quite known for its user-friendliness, data reporting, and sanitation advantages.

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