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Canada Packaging machines

WeighPack provides packaging machines to multiple places across the globe. However, most of our customers come from the United States, Canada, South America, and Mexico. So whether you’re looking for Canada packaging machines or USA packaging solutions, it doesn’t matter because the quality and features of WeighPack machines stay intact.

We offer a broad variety of Canada packaging solutions. For our filling machinery, they are available in three applications:

Auger filling

Perfect for powder filling applications, our Star Auger is an automated filler that provides precision, versatility, and speed when handling your granules and powders. Constructed with stainless steel and convenient tooling and hopper, the Star Auger accurately dispenses and fills various product types, while offering simple cleaning and maintenance. It is equipped with a specialized screw that dictates the number of revolutions needed to reach the product’s weight goal. Our auger filling machine can work together with auxiliary packaging machines, be it a pre-made pouch filler, a vertical filler and sealer, a container conveyor, and more.

Multihead weighing

For filling applications that need extreme accuracy and overall throughput, the perfect filler is our PrimoCombi Multi-head weigher. We have three models of the combination scale that you can choose from. It’s perfect for production projects that must achieve more than 30 packages per minute. The PrimoCombi has multiple buckets, which are used to achieve a specific weight.

Net weigh filling

Another automatic filling machine of WeighPack Systems is from the PrimoLinear brand. This family of weigh fillers work by weighing and dispensing a diverse range of products such as chemicals, hardware, fresh produce, coffee, poultry, rice, confections, snack food, spices, frozen foods and more. We manufacture our PrimoLinear in five different models. Given the right model, these filling machines can fill up to 50 lbs of products and with rates of up to 50 cycles per minute.

PrimoLinear C-25 is available in 1,2 lanes with a bucket volume of 25 L and a maximum weight of 23 kg.
PrimoLinear C-10 is available in 1,2 lanes with a bucket volume of 10 L and a maximum weight of 4.5 kg.
PrimoLinear V-25 is available in 1,2 lanes with a bucket volume of 23 L and a maximum weight of 25 kg.
PrimoLinear V-5 is available in 1,2,3,4 lanes with a bucket volume of 5 L and a maximum weight of 2.25 kg.
PrimoLinear V-Mini is available in 4 lanes with a bucket volume of 200 ml and a maximum weight of 200 g.

The importance of filling machines

Fillers are important equipment and tools for packaging in numerous industries. Oil, food, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and other industries use filling machines to improve the efficiency of the processes, all the while reducing the time need for packaging the products. Filling machines can be classified into different types depending on the container used to fill the products and its features, and the type of product to be filled.

These packaging machines are typically used for filling liquids and dry powders. They can also work on filling thick and paste-like fluids such as syrups and creams into various shapes and sizes of vials, ampoules, bottles, etc. One of the good things about filling machines is that they are designed with variant features. For instance, some fillers are fully automated with completed automated features, while others are semi-automatic machines that require to be operated manually for the packaging process.

Benefits of using filling machines

Whether it’s a liquid filler or powder filling machine, bottle filler or tube filling machine, when chosen as per the specific requirements, they can provide efficient packaging processes to manufacturers. What’s more, they can help you save on the production costs and production time. Machines for filling can boost the time for product filling tasks in various industries. As a result, it saves tons of time for the manufacturers, in which they can use it on other important operations of manufacturing and marketing to improve the business.

Filling machines are typically designed as multitasking machines, which besides filling, can also carry out other functions like washing the containers before filling them and sealing the containers after filling. In other words, a single filler allows you to perform several tasks at once, which originally would require purchasing other machines, therefore, increasing the production expenses. Thanks to modern automation technologies, the requirement of labor in packaging have been reduced, which contributes to the lesser costs of packaging in modern sectors.

Lastly, product waste is significantly cut down with machines for filling tasks. With filling machines, you can efficiently fill powders or liquids into your desired containers at a constant speed. As such, it enables a constant filling performance of products with a matching stable and consistent speed and quality.

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