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Delivering packaging systems to 30 countries worldwide, WeighPack has made it their goal to provide quality built combination scale products. We provide state of the art technology at realistic prices. Among our wide variety of machinery, we have one multi-head weigher, the PrimoCombi, or also known as the first open frame combination scale. Combination scales or most commonly referred as multi-head weigh fillers are normally used for applications that require the highest accuracy and overall throughput. The PrimoCombi is equipped with leading edge mechanical and software features as it continues to lead the industry with its user-friendliness, data reporting, and sanitation advantages.

WeighPack’s design of the PrimoCombi is known for its ability to eliminate the risk of water going through inside the controls of the scale since its electronics are placed separately where spray water can’t come in contact with during sanitation. One of its standard features is the single post hopper assembly that enables you to adjust product inflow in seconds and keep it out of the way for product changeover and sanitation. The PrimoCombi is supported by a 360 Operating System that enables you to create reports, event logs, archives or production results, and production analysis. Moreover, you can now ask assistance from our web-based online support that allows for real-time support.


The PrimoCombi combination scale is designed for applications that require high accuracy necessities and high production rates. The objective was to create a food-safe machine that requires fewer operator interactions. While offering quick serviceability, reliability, accuracy, and speeds. Depending on the weight requirements, we offer three variations of weight capacity, PrimoCombi 0.5L, PrimoCombi 2.5L and PrimoCombi 5L. For the production rates, the PrimoCombi is usually used for projects that need 30 packages or more per minute. Also used for applications requiring up to 200. Its leading edge mechanic features include an innovative stainless steel open frame construction, a tool-less adjustable and rotating hopper. Plus a CAN bus electrical system.

Other electronic equipment can include a digital camera encased with stainless steel or stainless steel control panel. Also a hand crank for an easy changeover, barcode scanner, and a product stopper. Its standard features include tool-less design, modular construction, and drive assemblies, and individual product slide chutes. Also standard are swing out hopper assembly, remote mounted electrical controls, individual weigh bucket processing control, quick disconnect control panel.

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