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For almost three decades of being a filling machine packaging system manufacturer, WeighPack has always stuck to a fundamental principle. As are result, our premium quality, high performance systems are engineered with state of the art technology and precision. Hence, at WeighPack Systems, we produce a wide range of container filling systems. Furthermore, these include containers, cans, jugs, tubs, trays, clam-shells, cartons and more.

Container Filling Machine

Our container filling machines are all built with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, PLC controls and color touchscreen. They are commonly used for packaging a large selection of products like vegetables, snack foods, candy, coffee, powders, spices, hardware, etc.

Giving smooth changeover and serviceability, these container indexing systems are structured to accommodate our customers’ specific needs. Some features include AC variable speed drive, adjustable leveling pads, and adjustable guide rail pneumatic indexing mechanism. In addition, air regulator, lubricator and filer, and container positioning sensors.

Filling Solution

Another filling solution is the box indexing conveyor comprised of our PrimoLinear filling machines. Specifically engineered for bulk filling requirements, our hearty box indexing conveyors offer long lasting durability even when exposed to harsh environments and vigorous usage. Our box filling systems are typically used for filling confections, hardware, and frozen foods and designed for quick changeover and user-friendliness to its operators,

In addition, standard model have features such as stainless steel frame, PLC controls and color touchscreen. Other features include pneumatic indexing device with controls, adjustable sensing devices, adjustable leveling pads, no box – no fill signal, variable speed control, and 1/2 hp motor and gearbox.

We have three models in our SpinDexer series. All of which include features like a variable speed infeed (or discharge conveyor), traveling funnel assembly, and no container. Also, no fill sensor and clog detection sensor. Available SpinDexer models;

SpinDexer with Travelling funnels for narrow mouth containers
Next is the SpinDexer XL with Travelling funnels for large containers
SpinDexer 1800 for standard mouth containers for speeds of up to 80 cycles per minute

Furthermore, filling more complicated products such as vitamin gummies, cheese balls, pretzels and nut containers will now be easier and quicker than ever.

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Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service while meeting all of your packaging automation needs. We provide the peace of mind that comes from working with one manufacturer, one service department and one point of contact.