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At WeighPack, we manufacture high-quality pouch filling solutions for both pre-made pouches and pre-made wicket bags. Our pouch filling machines are designed to automatically open, fill and seal a wide range of pouches.

Pouch Filling Machine

For premade pouches, our machines can run on different pouch styles. Such as, stand-up, pillow, 4 sided seal, 3 side seal and quad pouches with zippers. Next up, our Swifty Bagger family of automatic bag filling machines. Include Swifty Junior, Swifty 1200 and Swifty 3600.

As for premade wicket bags, our pouch filling machines can operate on laminated or polyethylene materials, stand-up pouches and pillow pouches with a zipper closure or carry handle. These pouch filling machines are the Bingo Bagger, VS Bagger, and the Zippy Bagger.


Starting with the Swifty product line, we have the Swifty Bagger Junior pre-made pouch filling machine that is designed for production rates of up to 800 bags per hour. The Junior automatically opens, fills and seals pre-made stand-up pouches in one process, making it easy to use and extremely compact. Its features include stainless steel-frame, Omron PLC, color touchscreen, SMC vacuum generator and no bag – no fill sensor.

In addition, for medium to high production rates, we have the Swifty Bagger 1200 and 3600. Built with heavy-duty stainless-steel frame. So it will last today’s harsh production environments.

As a result, both Swifty models have features including a very accessible bag magazine, automatic zipper opening device, bag shaker at the fill station, and an integrated exit conveyor.

Wicketed bagging

The next and last group of pouch filling machines are from the wicketed bagging solutions. First, is the Bingo Bagger, the only automatic pouch filling machine that is capable of automatically vacuuming or gas flushing at the sealing station. Therefore, it can run on both polyethylene and laminate materials. Hence, it is made with a robust stainless steel frame and food grade contact parts. It includes an auto bag width adjustment and no bag-no fill sensing logic. Also, trim cut and wastebasket, fully adjustable dwell time, speed, and bag change-over.

Another, one is the VS Bagger that will automatically position your pre-made wicket pouch for filling. It transfers it to the next station of the packaging process. It is perfect for applications that do not need sealing or it can be paired up with an existing sealing machine. Its standard features are no bag, no fill sensor, adjustable wicket pins and automatic bag opening. Finally, we have the Zippy Bagger that is designed to fill pre-made wicket pouches of rates of up to 2,000 bags per hour. This bagger is commonly used for filling frozen foods. In addition, hardware, and injection molded pieces into polyethylene pouches. Its standard features include a fully adjustable wicket assembly, no bag—no fill control, and stainless steel frame.

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