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Our pouch packaging machines come from our own brands of horizontal bagging machines designed for use with pre-made wicket bags. The pouch packaging machine is designed to automatically open, fill, and seal pouches.

In addition, these can be made of laminated or polyethylene materials. These pouch styles are known as stand up pouches, and pillow pouches with a zipper closure or carry handle. Wicket pouches are a type of packaging solution that makes our packaging process an automated one. Work cells are equipped with wicket wires that hold the stacked pouches together allowing them to be loaded into the automatic bagging machine (ready for the filling process). After which, the pouches are removed automatically from the wicket holder and sealed.

Our product line of automatic bagging machines consists of the following:

Bingo Bagger | Zippy Bagger | VS Bagger

Furthermore, three are configured for easy operation and do not require a specific fixed forming collar for change over, which helps in costs reduction. Our current Bingo Bagger model is engineered with sporadic sealing jaws and can be upgraded to vacuum packaging.

Pouch bagging machine

Therefore, this machine can actually be considered one of a kind in our industry. In fact, it is the only automatic pre-made pouch bagging machine on the market today that can automatically vacuum or gas flush at the sealing station. The Bingo Bagger is made with a robust stainless steel frame and food-grade contact parts making it entirely safe for filling polyethylene and laminate materials. It is perfect food service packaging, bulk bagging cheese, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and more.

Second is the Zippy Bagger, a continuous sealer-packaging machine that targets higher speed applications. Our compact Zipppy Bagger is designed to fill pre-made wicket pouches at rates of up to 2,000 bags in just an hour. So, it is designed to automatically open, fill, and seal both laminated and polyethylene materials.

Lastly, we have the VS bagger that makes a perfect combination for an existing sealing machine. If not, you can simply use it as bagger for applications that do not need sealing. It is designed to automatically position a pre-made wicket pouch under the fill zone and transfer it to the next station of the packaging process after filling. It can also be integrated with a twist tie, tin tie, Kwik-Lok or horizontal sealer.

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