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“We do not use any ‘shake’ product. Being able to put that sticky real flower product through the [JuanaRoll] enables us to produce a higher-quality product.”

Clayton Duguid, 314 Pure Cannabis

“With the performance of the JuanaRoll, you can repurpose 20 to 30 hand packagers and let the JuanaRoll do the rest.”

Reda Anbari, Sundial Growers

High-Speed Automatic Pre-Roll Packaging

Stop producing joints by hand and take market share by producing the most pre-rolls with the highest accuracy in the industry while reducing your labor costs.

Available in models ranging from 1 channel up to 8 channels, this leading-edge automated pre-roll machine is engineered for sophisticated LPs focused on productivity, efficiency, consistency and labor reduction.









1-channel: Up to 500 an hour
2-channel: Up to 1,000 an hour
3-channel: Up to 1,500 an hour
4-channel: Up to 2,000 an hour
5-channel: Up to 2,500 an hour
6-channel: Up to 3,000 an hour
7-channel: Up to 3,500 an hour
8-channel: Up to 4,000 an hour


0.25 to 1g


Weighs in 1/100 gram increments


Run multiple strains at the same time or dedicate specific lanes to specific sizes without having to change cone blocks.


Prewired for expansion. Add more lines as you need them.

A rotary system can’t do that!


Customize Your Cone Presentation

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Cone Flexibility Built In

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