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At WeighPack Systems, we manufacture a diverse range of vertical sealing machine systems. For example, vertical form, fill & seal (VFS or VFFS) bagging machines for all industries and products. Such as, snack food, coffee, cheese, frozen foods, candy, chocolates, confections, seafood, powders, poultry, meat and more.


Yet, before anything else, how does vertical sealing technology really works? The process kicks off with the transfer of a cylindrical roll of film from the roll and thru the forming collar. After which, the film will be folded while the vertical seal bars extend and seal the back of the pouch. Once the desired pouch length is transferred, it is filled with product. After the filling of the product, the horizontal seal bars will close, seal, and cut the pouch producing a finished product that includes a bag with top/bottom horizontal seals and one vertical back seal.

Our vertical sealing machines include:

VerTek VFS series | XPdius Elite 130

VerTek family of vertical form and seal bagging machines

Our VerTek family of vertical form and seal bagging machines consists of four models. For applications up to 12 inches wide in a variety of shapes and sizes including stick pack, pillow, and gusseted pouches. We have the VerTek 800 and 1200 that is built with a single piece of 304 stainless steel frame. The VerTek series is the easiest to clean bagging machine in the industry.

For larger size packages, we have the VerTek 1600 commonly used for filling large bags of various products. It includes a robust welded frame and can produce pouches up to 16 inches wide as well as add a carry handle for convenient carrying. The last model is our hardcore and high performing VerTek 2400 perfect for largest bagging requirements producing pouches of up to 24 inches wide. Its heavy-duty steel construction makes it perfect for bulk packaging applications.

Second is the user-friendly XPdius Elite 130 that is designed for high-speed applications. Hence, creating pouches up to 13 inches wide. It is constructed with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame and anodized aluminum film carriage for long-lasting durability. Also equipped with tool-less removable forming assembly, Lexan doors, and pull belts. In addition, it has two Panasonic servo motors along with a cantilevered air film shaft.

Furthermore, VFS machine is also built with HMI color touchscreen that is programmed to operate multiple functions for the most efficient operation possible. In conclusion , both our VerTek series and XPdius Elite 1300 can be upgraded to include a hole punch, tare notch, or nitrogen flush. Similarly, other options are label application, inkjet date code printing and gusset attachment.

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