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At WeighPack, we offer two VFFS machines or also known as the vertical form, fill & seal bagging machines for all industries and products including snack food, coffee, cheese, frozen foods, candy, chocolates, confections, seafood, powders, poultry, meat and more.

Our VFFS machines are as follows:

VerTek 800 & 1200 |  VerTek 1600 | VerTek 2400 | XPdius Elite 130


Our VerTek 800 & 1200 VFFS Machines are designed to produce pouches as wide pouches in different shapes and sizes such as stick pack, pillow, and gusseted pouches. The VerTek 800 produces pouches of up to 8 inches wide while VerTek 1200 can create up to 12 inches wide of pouches. These two VFFS machines are capable of forming, filling, and sealing laminated, metalized or polyethylene materials. They are equipped with a single piece 304 stainless steel frame for a cleaner design and easier maintenance. Moreover, they also have easy to remove pull belts and jaw assembly for off-machine maintenance, and a tool-less removable former.

Our VerTek VFFS machines are all designed for serviceability, cleanability, and ease of use. Furthermore, features include a 10.4” color touchscreen, quick disconnect sealing jaws and heating elements, side access panel for easier maintenance, an integrated encoder, and more.

Next is the reliable and compact VerTek 1600 VFFS Machine with its simple design making it very easy to set-up, operate and maintain. It can produce pouches of up to 16 inches wide. This machine is perfect for large club size packages. With its off-the-shelf parts, the VerTek 1600 is designed for low maintenance cost. It is also equipped with a tool-less removable bag forming tube and adjustable pull belts for easier cleaning and changeover.

VerTek 2400 Model

Finally, for the last VerTek model, we have the robust VerTek 2400 VFFS machine that can produce pouches of up to 24 inches wide. As a result, perfect for massive bagging requirements and bulk packaging applications. It is made with welded tubular steel construction that allows it to efficiently fill bulk applications for various products. The VerTek 2400 features Omron PLC with Weinview color touchscreen panel along with pneumatically operated sealing jaws. Also, encoder bag length control, and much more.

Lastly, we have our high-performance XPdius Elite 130 VFFS Machine. Designed for high-speed applications and known for its tool-less and time-saving features. It can produce pouches of up to 13 inches wide with a speed of 50 to 100 packages per minute. In conclusion, this user-friendly machine includes features like stainless steel construction , color touchscreen, and Omron PLC.
Similarly, pull belts and sealing jaws driven by servo technology.

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