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WeighPack engineers several packaging technologies with high quality built products at reasonable prices. One out of our five technologies is the weigh fill machine. Our weigh filling consists of three weigh filling solutions and each of which has weigh filling machine designed to best serve our clients.

These solutions and its corresponding machines are as follows:

Auger Filling – Star Auger
Linear Net Weighing – PrimoLinear series
Multi-Head Weighing – PrimoCombi

Our Star Auger automatic filling machine comes in 2 models: the Star Auger 100 and 200 that are designed to offer precision, speed, and versatility when handling powders and granules due to its servo-driven technology. They are built for quick cleaning and changeover through its quick release design, hinged hopper door, and easy-to-remove tooling.

Moreover, they can be operated in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode and are designed to integrate with any auxiliary equipment for a complete packaging automation process. Other standard features include color touchscreen, 100 product settings, 304 stainless steel construction, see-through viewing glass, level sensor and more.

PrimoLinear family

Second is the PrimoLinear family weigh filling machines that are perfect for free and semi-free flowing products. Such as beans, rice, confections, spices, coffee and much more. We have the PrimoLinear V-mini designed for free-flowing products that can be moved from one point to another using vibration. It is capable of weighing and dispensing a variety of products. Also as small as one gram into bags, containers, or cases.

Next, is the PrimoLinear V5 featuring its modular design that allows you to start with a single lane scale and add up to 4 lanes as your business expands.In addition, it also includes beneficial features like open frame design, tool-less removable contact parts, and no change-over required. Lastly, the PrimoLinear V-25 ideal for bulk weigh filling applications for companies with an enormous production of confectionery and frozen food.

Finally, the PrimoCombi Multi-Head Weigher. It is designed for high-performance applications requiring increased production rates and tight accuracy tolerances. This weigher made its way to the top through its remarkable mechanical features. Including the neat, uncluttered mechanical construction, adjustable hopper, the NEMA 4X electrical control panel, sanitation advantages, user-friendly and data reporting. The PrimoCombi aims to create a food-safe machine, requiring less operator subjectivity with quick serviceability, reliability, accuracy, and speed.

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Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service while meeting all of your packaging automation needs. We provide the peace of mind that comes from working with one manufacturer, one service department and one point of contact.