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WeighPack Delivers New USDA Sanitary Weigh Filling Machine

WeighPack Systems Inc has designed and delivered its new USDA Sanitary PrimoLinear V-25 bulk weigh filling machine for frozen poultry. Engineered using solid tubular stainless steel as opposed to angled steel or a hollow frame, this sanitary design was engineered specifically for the meat and poultry industry in achieving the highest sanitation standards for its […]

The Waffle Shuffle

Dutch cookie manufacturer sees the sweeter side of life thanks to ultra modern integration line Family-owned Schep’s Bakeries Ltd. has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small business for small specialty stores over 35 years ago. “I just love doing what I do here,” says Cornelius Neufeld, operations manager of the […]

The importance of investing in training

At Paxiom we cannot stress enough the importance of investing in training. We deliver sophisticated automated machines that all have learning curves, some steeper than others…

When cookies make dough

Ontario cookie manufacturer transforms from niche market supplier into a key player in the Canadian co-packing and third-party cookie manufacturing markets.verybody loves cookies. And some, like Jason Brass, president and owner of Terra Cotta Food Ltd. in Georgetown, Ont., seem to love cookies so much that he had to buy a company. Founded in 1984 […]

Accelerated ‘shrooms get accuracy boost

According to management at Miami,OK, mushroom producer J-M Farms,standing out from the competition can be difficult in today’s global marketplace. The company has learned to differentiate itself by strictly guarding quality at every turn. It performs three to four third-party food safety audits annually and imposes strict quality and safety regulations on itself—beyond what is […]

Paxiom Opens New Milwaukee Xperience Center

Paxiom Group, the global sales and service division for industry leading manufacturers: WeighPack Systems, Eagle Packaging Machinery, SleekWrapper and CombiScale, has opened its fifth new Xperience Center at 16850 West Victor Road, New Berlin, WI 53151 just fifteen minutes from Milwaukee’s International Airport. This new center showcases over $2,000,000 of finished packaging machine inventory including […]

Fill Multiple Product Zones with the Depositor

Accelerate multi-pocket package filling and eliminate product loss with the Depositor by WeighPack Systems, Inc. The Depositor, designed for filling multiple product zones at high speeds, is an independent unit that can be integrated with virtually any weigh filling system. Adaptable to fill 1×2, 2×2, 2×3, and 3×3 configurations, the Depositor is mounted on casters […]

Introducing the Sleek Inverted

The servo-driven Sleek Inverted is engineered to handle soft, sticky, or multipack products that may be difficult to push with the traditional lug chain design found on most conventional flow wrappers. With the Sleek Inverted, product is securely carried on top of the packaging film from the former to the cutting head. The Sleek Inverted […]

Conveyorized scale for non-free flowing and delicate products

WeighPack introduces the C-10 to its PrimoLinear™ family of linear net-weighing equipment, engineered specifically for limp, non-free flowing, and delicate products including coleslaw, cooked noodles, diced tomatoes, raw meat, and more. The C-10 utilizes a system of motor-operated conveyor belts to gently transfer product from the hopper to the 10 liter pneumatically-actuated weigh bucket that […]

Addressing a manufacturing capacity shortage

When Loving Pets, a maker of snacks for pets, recently found itself just about at capacity with its existing packaging equipment, management wasted little time in sizing up, purchasing, and installing new equipment that would solve the problem. The sizing up part, explains Operations Manager Brad McManus, was done internally. “Our VerTek vertical form/fill/seal machine […]