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WeighPack System’s multi-head weigher is none other than the PrimoCombi 360 that is designed for high-performance weighing applications. It require increased production rates and tight accuracy tolerances. Our PrimoCombi is engineered to raise the standards of today’s packaging landscape—specifically the weighing applications—by offering the industry our very own multi-head weigher machine with its leading mechanical features.


The PrimoCombi offers several exciting and new features that are missing from other multiple head weighing machines. For starters, our multi-head weigher is run by a 360 Operating Software that makes combination weighing easy. Every feature was created and tested by our engineers with customer serviceability in mind. Today, we offer to you the most user-friendly and efficient combination scale in the world. The PrimoCombi’s leading-edge software brings three features to its users; reporting, online support and Windows-based PC controls.

PrimoCombi Multi-Head Weigher System

Mechanical Features

Another is the mechanical features that aim to create a food-safe machine that requires less operator involvement with quick serviceability, reliability, accuracy, and speeds. It is designed to look clean and uncluttered, and not a single tiny space for bacteria to form. With the tool-less adjustable and rotating hopper, product changeover and cleaning are made easier and faster. Our PrimoCombi is also easy to service and inexpensive to maintain.

It is equipped with a digital camera that can be connected in real-time. This allows the operator to easily monitor productions from any location. It has a 15-inch color HMI that is not so much to look at, but what it lacks physically makes up with the hardware. Using a robust stainless steel enclosed PC panel and is available as an IP-67 panel for harsh environments. For quick and easy changeover, use a hand crank to conveniently adjust the height of the loading hopper. There is also a barcode scanner for a faster pulling up of specific recipes. Engineered for delicate items, the PrimoCombi Multi-Head Weigher has a stopper that lessens the item impact during the product drop.

Other standard features include tool-less design, individual product slide chutes, remote mounted electrical controls, Microsoft Windows, multilingual customization operator interface, mix & blending capabilities, plug-in vibrator motors, advanced security settings and user control, import/export data and so much more.

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