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Automatically vacuum package food with Bingo Bagger vacuum packaging machine

April 22, 2018
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April 22, 2018 WeighPack Blog

The Bingo Bagger automatic bagging machine was uniquely developed as we saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled.

Why do so many companies use manual vacuum packaging machines that require a ton of labor at low production rates? We had no idea why, it just did not make sense.

Over the years many customers had asked us the same questions which fueled the desire to build a better solution.

The Bingo Bagger automatically opens, fills and seals pre-made bags while offering the full capability to nitrogen flush and / or pull a vacuum. The Bingo Bagger can fill wicket pouches as large as 20 inches wide x 28 inches long and is commonly used in vacuum packaging for food service, vegetables, fruits, cheese as well meat & poultry.

The Bingo is a full automatic vacuum packaging machine that does not require an operator hence providing three distinct advantages:
1. Reduced labor cost
2. Eliminate the risk of food safety concerns as a person is no longer interacting with an open package
3. The foot bring of the Bingo is less than that of a human and vacuum chamber machine

What are the advantages of an automatic vacuum packaging machine with modified atmosphere capabilities (VAC & MAP)?

1. Longer shelf stability as a result of removing oxygen as well as the capability of replacing with nitrogen or other inert gases.

2. Less product loss as over the course of time as the bags contents remain fresher longer.

3. Less food preservatives are needed as a result of vacuum packaging and nitrogen flushing.

4. Value added feature for customers – Everyone perceives a vacuum package product as fresher longer.

5. More room in shipping cases or on pallets – By removing excess air you can now use smaller boxes to ship product or put both bags in your current case configuration.

Bingo bagger side view machine for bagging product

Vacuum package vegetable bags

Whole chicken vacuum packaging machine