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Ready to Grow

Automated workcell helps greenhouse operator achieve end-of-line packaging perfection to keep up with growing demand for its premium tomatoes. Growing healthy, tasty natural products consumers can’t seem to get enough of is every farmer’s dream. And for leading Canadian greenhouse operator NatureFresh Farms, living the proverbial American dream has been exciting and exhilarating ride ever […]

Flow Wrapping Meal Kits

Flow wrapping multiple products at one time is a cost effective and safe solution to bundle products. We have been tasked by institutions including schools, hospitals and commissaries…

Tout Est Chocolat

Selon Statistique Canada, « bien que la fève de cacao ne pousse pas au Québec, le chocolat et les produits dérivés de cacao représentent le deuxième groupe de produits bioalimentaires les plus exportés par la province ». Les importations de cacao au Québec proviendraient principalement d’Afrique de l’Ouest (Côte d’Ivoire,Ghana et Nigéria), de l’Équateur, de […]

Produce Industry Trends

In 2018 we saw a minimum wage increase take effect moving to $14 per hour with a promise to increase an additional $1 in 2019. With these new laws driving labor costs up, produce packagers need to figure out ways to balance this increased expense. One way? Material Handling. New Fresh Paradigm of online ordering […]

Single-Source Line For Pouch Packaging

Simplicity, reliability, and value are packaging machinery characteristics that are universally appreciated. But they’re even more highly prized in remote locations like the one occupied by Ute Mountain Tribe Farm & Ranch Enterprise. This 7,700 acre agricultural enterprise nestled below the Sleeping Ute Mountain on Ute Tribe Land in the southwest corner of Colorado is […]

WeighPack Invest in Company Culture

As Gen-Xers and Millennials take on leadership roles and replace their Baby Boomer predecessors workplaces will start to look a little different, and more manufacturers will need to reshape how they approach employee morale and culture. In a study titled, “The Skills Gap in U.S. Manufacturing: 2015 and Beyond,” the Manufacturing Institute reported that the […]

Berry Well Done

If it seems as though the province of British Columbia is blessed with a plethora natural resources, rest assured you are not imagining things.Among its forestry and fishing capabilities, the province is also Canada’s leader in the production of cultivated blueberries. According to a 2016 report from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Great White North […]