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Vertical Form, Fill, Seal Machine Handles High-Speed Applications

October 17, 2020
October 17, 2020 WeighPack Blog

Vertical form filling and sealing machineThe XPdius 1700 vertical form and seal machine is designed for high-speed applications and service-ability.

With the capability of filling bags up to 17 in. wide and 24 in. long, this new vertical form, fill, and seal machine can be integrated with its PrimoCombi multi-head weigher to weigh, fill, and bag frozen meat, poultry, seafood, snack food, pet food, produce, and more.

Both sides of the machine open, allowing easy access to all parts and assemblies inside the frame. Maintenance mechanics save hours of time with features like tool-less quick removal of change parts and open design. Available options include bag gusset attachment, gas, flush, hole punch, tear notch, polyethylene sealing assembly, pivoting bag support, bag tapper for product settling, and printing options.

Features include:

• Color touch screen and Omron PLC
• Two Panasonic servo motors to drive the film pull belts and operate the seal jaws
• Advanced automatic retractable pull belt assembly and vacuum pull belts
• Tool-less remove able forming collar
• Motor operated film unwind assembly for precise film tension control with triple rollers dancing bar
• Motorized film unwind roller
• Swing open control panel for dual side access to the inside mechanics
• Multi choice pre-programmed sequence of operation, seal above or below jaws
• 3 separate digital temperature controls integrated into touch screen
• Photo cell for bag registration
• Tool less removable pull belts

For any further information, please call us at 702.450.0808 or email info@paxiom.com