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What is a pre-made pouch machine?

May 26, 2018
Posted in Blog
May 26, 2018 WeighPack Blog

There are many ways to delivery stunning pouches to the store shelves or retailers and to your customers. One of the most common ways to packaging food products is by purchasing pre-made pouches and filling them (once filled, sealed).

Over time the manual process of filling pre-made pouches will become too cumbersome and slow, thus leading the way to adding automation to your packaging process.

At WeighPack we manufacture and supply a wide range of automatic bagging machines to fill and seal pre-made pouches so you can produce more!

A pre-made pouch packaging machine allows the operator to load a stack of pre-made pouches into the bagging machine and let it do the rest. The automatic bagging machine (like our Swifty, Bingo, Zippy and VS baggers) will automatically open a single pouch, fill it with your product and hermetically seal the top of the pouch all in one machine. This process will considerably increase productivity as our entry level models can fill up to 600 pouches per hour and high speed models up to 3,000 pouches per hour requiring only a single person to load pouches.

Pre-made pouches can be bought almost anywhere and come in many different shapes, sizes and materials including stand up bags, pillow pouches, gusseted bags, with our without zippers and in polyethylene or laminated materials. Its important to ensure the automated bagging solution that you choose matches the properties of your final pouch configuration.

Automatic pre made pouch bagging machine